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Green Taxation

In July 2021, the EU Commission presented ambitious measures to achieve climate targets as part of the “Green Deal”: Starting as early as 2023, energy products are to be taxed according to their impact on the environment and health. Additional tax burdens may arise under the planned Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism, levying import fees on certain high-energy products such as iron, steel and aluminum from third countries.

However, these regulations are also of crucial importance for energy-intensive or emission-intensive industries purchasing these energy products. They have to fear a massive increase in energy costs and, consequently, in production and manufacturing costs.

Our experts are happy to support you in the implementation and optimisation of Green Taxation.

Our services 

  • Energy taxation (e.g. CO2 tax, energy taxes, Carbon Border Adjustment System)
  • Assessment of the concrete effects on your business and of potential optimisation options
  • Support with regard to compensation options for businesses (e.g. carbon leakage, measures available for hardship situations)
  • Support with regard to reporting and disclosure obligations
  • Interrelationships with existing energy taxes (e.g. mineral oil tax, excise taxes)
  • Effects on other tax aspects (e.g. transfer pricing/corporate income tax)
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