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Leitner + Leitner Tax Kft

tax audit advisory

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Perfectly matched to your requirements

Leitner + Leitner Tax Adótanácsadó Kft is on the field of Hungarian and international tax issues one of the most influential advisory firm in CCE, while Leitner + Leitner Audit Könyvvizsgáló és Tanácsadó Kft. provides its high quality services to its clients on the field of accounting, payroll and auditing.

LeitnerLeitner is a reliable partner in national and international tax and economic issues.

We are dedicated to helping our clients with our high quality, tailored services to find the best economic solutions.


Value added tax (VAT)

Comprehensive VAT tax advisory and administrative services


Value added tax is for entities a pure transitory item. Nevertheless, non-deductible pre-tax, falsely assessed VAT and penalties deriving from administrative mistakes can heavily burden the entities’ budget, especially in a country with the highest VAT rates within the European Union. Are you sure, your VAT-return is properly prepared?

LeitnerLeitner is at its clients’ disposal with specialised VAT experts, comprehensive VAT tax advisory and compliance services.

Comprehensive VAT-compliance for VAT registered foreign entities and local businesses

  • VAT registration of foreign entities in Hungary
  • comprehensive VAT-compliance for domestic businesses
  • preparation and filing of VAT-returns, itemized domestic reports for VAT, recapitulative statements about intra community transactions both for foreign and domestic entities
  • filing of Intrastat reports
  • representation for the tax authority

Lump-sum “hotline” services

  • quick and practical advice via telephone or e-mail
  • short review of your case
  • identification of complex VAT issues

VAT “healthcheck” financial review and corrections

  • optimising internal VAT-compliance and monitoring systems
  • identification and mitigation of risks

Consulting and legal opinion regarding VAT issues

  • VAT of domestic and cross-border transactions
  • international VAT issues
  • issues regarding the splitting of input VAT
  • VAT-optimising of service procedures  and distribution chains

Representation during tax audits, defence regarding the findings of the tax authority

Both in VAT and other tax issues, about our services you can read more here.

Cooperation with tax authorities and state departments, requiring of legal opinion from the authorities, preparation of APA requests

Compliance regarding the refund of foreign VAT

  • refund of foreign VAT for Hungarian entities
  • representation in procedures claiming refund of Hungarian VAT for foreign entities
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Jancsa-Pék Judit

Tax advisor | Partner

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Siklós Márta

Auditor | Tax advisor | Partner

Hungarian and international corporate tax law, auditing, financial & tax due diligence, transactional services (M&A,...