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Leitner + Leitner Tax Adótanácsadó Kft is on the field of Hungarian and international tax issues one of the most influential advisory firm in CCE, while Leitner + Leitner Audit Könyvvizsgáló és Tanácsadó Kft. provides its high quality services to its clients on the field of accounting, payroll and auditing.

LeitnerLeitner is a reliable partner in national and international tax and economic issues.

We are dedicated to helping our clients with our high quality, tailored services to find the best economic solutions.


Personal income tax

Motivation systems for employees, tax and social security issues in connection with expats


Would you like to facilitate the sense of identification and loyalty of your employees by working out tax- and cost-efficient remuneration structures? Do you have questions regarding the taxation of secondments of Hungarian employees abroad or foreign employees in Hungary?

LeitnerLeitner offers to develop systems (cafeteria, stock shares and other fringe benefits) for the motivation of employees. Moreover, we support our clients with our full-scale advisory and administrative services also regarding tax and social security issues in connection with secondments of employees abroad (expats) (administration regarding work- and residence permits).

Employee motivation systems

Fringe benefits with a tax burden of 35.7% are still advantageous compared to the tax burden of wages. Is it, however, possible to achieve an even more favourable construction?
In an ever worsening economic situation all companies attempt to provide schemes for their employees to leave more money in their pockets in the end facilitating their sense of identification with the company. LeitnerLeitner helps you to develop the best construction for your company to motivate your employees.

Foreigners in Hungary

Do you have foreign employees at your company? Would you like to be in good hands regarding their tax and social security matters as well as their necessary administration? We can support you so that all these administrative issues can go off without a hitch.

Hungarians abroad

In our globalised world an ever increasing number of well trained employees chance their luck in foreign countries. However, without knowing the habits/conventions and tax laws of the foreign country this undertaking can be a rather risky and expensive one. LeitnerLeitner assist you in coping with the rules of the foreign country, matching them to the Hungarian system and finding the best solution for your individual need.
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