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Perfectly matched to your requirements

Leitner + Leitner Tax Adótanácsadó Kft is on the field of Hungarian and international tax issues one of the most influential advisory firm in CCE, while Leitner + Leitner Audit Könyvvizsgáló és Tanácsadó Kft. provides its high quality services to its clients on the field of accounting, payroll and auditing.

LeitnerLeitner is a reliable partner in national and international tax and economic issues.

We are dedicated to helping our clients with our high quality, tailored services to find the best economic solutions.


Corporate income tax

Tax optimization and tax credits


Does your company make use of the tax credits granted by the system of corporate income taxation?

We are at our clients’ disposal with our advisory services regarding tax optimisation of enterprises and tax credits.

Tax optimising solutions

Preparation and review of CIT-returns. Calculation of tax bases. Calculations of long-term tax optimising schemes matching the Hungarian to the foreign tax system.

Tax credits for developments

The Hungarian corporate income tax system entails numerous tax credits for developments. All companies are unique and, therefore, the tax credits for their development projects are also individual. We help you finding the investment solutions with the help of which you can effectively minimize your tax burden as well as develop and modernise your company.

Research & development

Research & development are in many countries of great significance. Hungary is no exception either trying to motivate companies with many target oriented credits, fund programmes regarding investments. It’s worth exploring the possibilities of your company in detail regarding investment credits, because sometimes the manifold of the costs might be saved. LeitnerLeitner is at your disposal with its several years’ experience to find the best solutions for your company.

Supporting popular sports

The Hungarian tax system tries to support soccer, handball, basketball, water polo and ice-hockey through special tax allowances. The calculation of possible allowances from the corporate income tax and the administrative tasks in connection with the enforcement of the allowances require special expert knowledge. We assist you in finding the best support construction for your company and make the most of the existing possibilities to save taxes and promote sports.

Supporting performing arts

The Hungarian tax system also supports performing arts through special allowances for companies. Since tax allowances in connection with popular sports have been reduced in recent years it might be worth scrutinising other allowances as well. LeitnerLeitner helps you finding your way through the jungle of complex legal regulations regarding enforcement and with the interpretation of the complicated calculation system.

Supporting film production

Hungary offers considerable allowances for companies in case of investments supporting film and video productions of at least HUF 100 million. We also help you to surmount administrative difficulties in connection with the allowances regarding film production.

Would you like to get rid of aggressive tax structures?

Not only in Hungary but also in the European Union and in all leading economic countries around the world tax administrations combat fiercely against aggressive tax planning, the grey area between well-accepted tax avoidance and tax evasion. Besides the ever increasing mutual administrative assistance in tax affairs between different countries each country tries to introduce several motivating regulations with the help of which companies can switch to legally accepted tax avoidance. LeitnerLeitner is ready to provide you alternatives to get rid of your harmful constructions and still save taxes at an optimal level.

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